Fleurs de Natalie

Bespoke floral arrangements

Fleurs de Natalie has a history of being commissioned to produce extraordinary floral arrangements at a range of wonderful events. Whether it be for a wedding, corporate event or something a little more personal we can provide a highly unique and creative approach to event design. We take inspiration from our clients, the art world, fashion, films, theatre, and music and of course mother nature herself.

Creating unforgettable memories

Captured moments that will evoke incredible emotions and will be cherished in everyone's memories.


Hello and a very warm welcome from Fleurs de Natalie, the world of ‘bespoke floral arrangements’. I’m Natalie, founder and designer of Fleurs de Natalie.

Flowers – a magical creation of Mother Nature herself, they brighten up our lives with their divine appearance and diversity of colours. They have taken a very special place in my life from when I was a child through to when I embarked upon the path towards creating my own business.

Thoughtfully prepared flower arrangement can take you on the trail of your memories to the happiest of them. My aim is to bring happiness in to your lives and to create the very same feelings and emotions for you and your loved ones.